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Abstract #3192

Detecting Statistically Significant Changes in Cartilage Thickness with Sub-Voxel Precision

Jos G. Raya1, Annie Horng2, Lorenz Knig3, Maximilian F. Reiser2, Christian Glaser2

1Josef Lissner Laboratory for Biomedial Imaging, , University of Munich, Munich, Germany; 2Department of Clinical Radiology, University of Munich; 3Technical University of Munich

MRI-based quantification of the cartilage thickness is a robust and well validated technique for the assessment of cartilage degradation in osteoarthritis, and for the analysis of cartilage deformations after exercise. Nowadays changes in cartilage thickness are evaluated by comparing averaged thickness over regions defined on an anatomical basis. In this work we demonstrate that working with a sub-voxel precision allow detecting statistically significant changes in the cartilage thickness between longitudinally acquired datasets with sub-voxel precision. The method has been tested on a small group of healthy volunteers by measuring them before and after 20 min squatting.