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Abstract #3299

Development of Dual Modality MRI and SPECT for Pre-Clinical Molecular Imaging

Dirk Meier1, Douglas J. Wagenaar2, Gunnar Maehlum1, Bjoern Sundal1, Bradley E. Patt2, Si Chen3, Jingyan Xu3, Jianhua Yu3, Benjamin M.W. Tsui3, Mark J. Hamamura4, Seunghoon Ha4, W. W. Roeck4, Orhan Nalcioglu4

1Gamma Medica - Ideas, Fornebu, Norway; 2Gamma Medica - Ideas, Northridge, CA, United States; 3Johns Hopkins University, MD, United States; 4University of California at Irvine, CA, United States

We experimentally demonstrate the feasibility of operating a small animal SPECT system outside and inside a 3 Tesla MRI system with simultaneous data acquisition of both modalities. Unlike traditional SPECT systems, which are based on photomultiplier tubes, our SPECT system is based on MR-compatible semiconductor radiation detectors. The detectors surround the field-of-view and do not rotate. In the present study we acquired images from mice using the SPECT and the MRI. We investigate the performance of the SPECT system with and without the MRI. We believe that the combined SPECT/MRI system will open new opportunities in molecular imaging.