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Abstract #3304

Full 1H to 31P Polarization Transfer on 7 Tesla.

Wybe van der Kemp1, Vincent Boer1, Peter Luijten1, Dennis Klomp1

1Department of Radiology, University Medical Center, Utrecht, Netherlands

Full 1H to 31P polarization transfer was shown for phosphocholine and phosphoethanolamine, using the sRINEPT sequence. The sRINEPT sequence is a RINEPT in which the first inversion pulse on the proton channel is a selective inversion pulse, thus preventing polarization transfer losses caused by inter-proton coupling. Quantum chemical simulations on these compounds and their glycerol-derivatives shows that polarization transfer is at a maximum within an offset frequency range of 0.2 ppm for the selective pulse. Measurements on a phosphocholine phantom agree well with the simulations. Implementation of (segmented) BIR4 pulses on the 31P channel enhances the signal further.