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Abstract #3328

Assessment of Lipids in Skeletal Muscle by LCModel and AMARES

Jan Weis1, Lars Johansson1,2, Francisco Ortiz-Nieto1, Hkan Ahlstrm1

1Department of Radiology, University Hospital, Uppsala, Sweden; 2Astra Zeneca R&D

Single-voxel MRS was used to obtain the spectra of the calf muscles. Unsuppressed water line was used as a concentration reference. A new prior knowledge for AMARES was proposed to estimate the absolute concentrations of extra- and intramyocellular lipids. The results were compared with the values estimated by LCModel. Very good correlation of the total fat and intramyocellular concentrations was achieved between both data processing approaches. Assessment of the absolute concentrations of muscular lipids by AMARES and LCModel can be performed with similar reliability.