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Abstract #3374

Outer Volume Suppression (OVS) for Single Voxel Spectroscopy (SVS) at 7 Tesla Using Interleaved B1 Shim Settings

Irina Brote1,2, Stephan Orzada1,2, Andreas K. Bitz1,2, Tom Scheenen1,3, Oliver Kraff1,2, Stefan Maderwald1,2, Mark E. Ladd1,2

1Erwin L. Hahn Institute for MRI, Essen, Germany; 2Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology and Neuroradiology, University Hospital Essen, Essen, Germany; 3Department of Radiology, Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Center, Nijmegen, Netherlands

High-field magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) should provide enhanced neurochemical information based on increased sensitivity and higher spectral resolution. Problems arising in high-field MRI, such as B0 and B1 inhomogeneities, may however decrease spectral resolution and SNR. Multi-channel transmit systems have been introduced to overcome problems concerning B1 inhomogeneity. One multi-channel transmit method is RF shimming. In this study, this method is used for outer volume supression (OVS) at 7T in single voxel spectroscopy (SVS) using two interleaved RF shim settings. A suppression of the outer volume signals of more than 90% is achieved.