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Abstract #3401

Development of a Method for Imaging Tissue Elasticity Using Tagged Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Ryosuke Nasada1, Tomoki Takeuchi1, Junfeng Zhang1, Takashi Tokuno2, Mitsunori Tada3, Youichi Yamazaki1, Kenya Murase1

1Department of Medical Physics and Engineering, Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka University , Suita, Osaka, Japan; 2Course of Precision Engineering, School of Science and Engineering, Chuo University, Tokyo, Japan; 3Digital Human Research Center, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Tokyo, Japan

This study was undertaken to develop a method for generating the maps of Youngfs elastic modulus using tagged MRI. The maps were generated using the strain obtained by harmonic phase analysis and stress distribution. The accuracy of our method was investigated using silicone phantoms of different hardness. There was a good correlation between the strain obtained by our method and that measured using a material testing machine (r=0.99). The difference in hardness in phantoms was clearly demonstrated. Our method will be useful for evaluating the tissue elasticity, because it allows us to automatically generate the maps of elastic modulus.