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Abstract #3424

Identification of Resting State Networks Using Whole-Brain CASL

Jingyi Xie1, Peter Jezzard1, Linqing Li1, Yazhuo Kong1, Christian F. Beckmann1,2, Karla L. Miller1, Stephen M. Smith1

1Oxford Centre for Functional MRI of the Brain, Oxford, United Kingdom; 2Department of Clinical Neuroscience, Imperial College, London, United Kingdom

There is increasing interest in resting brain activity. However, to our knowledge, ASL has not yet been used to study RSNs across the whole brain with single timeseries acquisitions. In this study, we implemented a novel true whole-brain CASL technique with EPI readout to study dynamic characteristics of cerebral blood flow during the resting state. We extracted the major covarying networks in the resting brain, as imaged in 8 subjects at rest. The major brain networks are highly similar to recent published results obtained using BOLD fMRI. We also characterised very low-frequency RSN temporal behaviour for the first time.