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Abstract #3451

Rapid Full-Brain FMRI with Multi-Shot 3D EPI Accelerated with UNFOLD and GRAPPA

Onur Afacan1,2, Dana Brooks2, Scott Hoge1, Istvan A. Morocz1

1Dept. of Radiology, Harvard Medical School & Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, MA, United States; 2ECE Dept., Northeastern University, Boston, MA, United States

Cognitive imaging desires both whole brain coverage, relatively high spatial resolution, and high temporal resolution. In an effort to achieve these goals with multi-shot 3D-EPI, we implemented: i) UNFOLD (in the slice encoding direction) and ii) Parallel imaging (in both the 3D slice and phase encoding directions). We decreased the volume TR from 3s to 0.82s. We demonstrate the results on healthy volunteer subjects using two different fMRI paradigms: a) event related complex cognitive stimuli where the events lasted for a time period of up to twenty TRs and b) a simple visuospatial-motor task in a random-length block design.