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Abstract #3461

Visual Attention for Brain-Computer Interface: Towards Using 7T FMRI to Localize Electrode Implant Sites

Patrik Andersson1, Jeroen Siero2, Josien Pluim1, Max Viergever1, Nick Ramsey3

1Radiology, Image Sciences Institute, Utrecht, Netherlands; 2Radiology, Rudolf Magnus Institute, Utrecht, Netherlands; 3Neurology and Neurosurgery, Rudolf Magnus Institute, Utrecht, Netherlands

Brain-Computer interface technology is moving towards implantable systems with electrodes placed directly on the cortex. For correct placement, prior knowledge is required about the exact location of a targeted brainfunction. In this study we test whether subjects can control a cursor by directing visual attention to the left or the right. Brain regions activated by attention in a localizer task are identified with a 7T MRI system. 8 subjects then received feedback about their attention-related brain activity and performance was measured. Results suggest that 7T fMRI can be used to identify regions for invasive BCI.