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Abstract #3467

Concurrent fMRI and Optical Imaging Spectroscopy at High Field (7T): Investigation of the Haemodynamic Response Underlying the BOLD Signal

Aneurin James Kennerley1, David Keith Johnston1, Michael Port1, Luke William Boorman1, Ying Zheng1, John Edward Mayhew1, Jason Berwick1

1Psychology, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, South Yorks, United Kingdom

We have developed a methodology for concurrent high field (7T) functional magnetic resonance imaging and 2D optical imaging spectroscopy for the investigation of the haemodynamics underlying BOLD signal changes to neuronal activation. The technique has been used to investigate the negative BOLD phenomenon and haemodynamic interactions between two adjacent cortical regions. Data were used to test and refine biophysical models of the BOLD signal important in interpreting measurements of the BOLD signal as reflecting changes in metabolic activity.