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Abstract #3500

A Novel Variational Bayesian Method for Spatiotemporal Decomposition of Resting-State FMRI

Yi-Ou Li1, Pratik Mukherjee, Srikantan Nagarajan, Hagai Attias2

1University of California San Francisco, San Francisco, CA, United States; 2Golden Metallic Inc

We apply a new variational Bayesian factor partition (VBFP) method to the sparse spatiotemporal decomposition of resting state fMRI data. The VBFP method estimates sources with sparse distributions in both spatial and temporal domain and incorporates automatic relevance determination in a fully Bayesian inference framework. Hence it achieves dimension reduction as an integrated part of the inference. We apply VBFP to the resting state fMRI data and compare it with a maximum likelihood independent component analysis (ICA) algorithm [Bell and Sejnowski, 1998] and show that VBFP indentifies similar functional coherent brain networks and their temporal fluctuations. The potential advantages of VBFP on the integrated inference of noise model and robustness on small sample size motivate further investigation.