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Abstract #3572

Measuring the Myocardial Angular Information Through the Radial Tagging

Abbas Nasiraei Moghaddam1, J. Paul Finn1

1Radiology, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA, United States

The angular information of the left ventricle, including the twist, shear and circumferential strain, are of fundamental importance to quantify the regional or global myocardial function . Radial tagging facilitates the measurement of this information . In particular when the density of radial taglines are sufficiently high, it was theoretically shown that the circumferential strain can be measured directly from the K-Space data . In this study we present the application of the circumferential encoding method on the actual cardiac MR images which are tightly tagged in the radial direction using our newly developed sequence. We also show the transmural differences in rotational motion of the left ventricle using these images.