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Abstract #3591

High Resolution, Functional Real-Time Cardiac MR Imaging Using a Combination of Compressed Sensing and Parallel Imaging

Tobias Wech1, Marcel Gutberlet1, Daniel Stb1, Dietbert Hahn1, Herbert Kstler1

1Institute of Radiology, University of Wuerzburg, Wuerzburg, Bavaria, Germany

To achieve a sufficient temporal and spatial resolution in functional cardiac MRI, real time acquisition has to be accelerated by a factor of 8 10 compared to Fourier MRI. In this work, a combination of compressed sensing and parallel imaging has been implemented, tested in a simulation using undersampled data of a segmented cine acquisition and finally applied to in-vivo data sampled in real time. The reconstructions for the real time acquisition and for the simulated data result in high resolution images with an excellent SNR and do not show any visible artefacts.