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Abstract #3606

Cardiac Valve Position Prediction in CINE-BSSFP Images Using SURF

Hendrikus Joseph Alphons Crooijmans1, Philippe C. Cattin2, Oliver M. Weber1,3, Klaus Scheffler1

1Division of Radiological Physics, Department of Medical Radiology, University of Basel Hospital, Basel, Switzerland; 2Medical Image Analysis Center (MIAC), University of Basel, Basel, Switzerland; 3Siemens Healthcare, Zrich, Switzerland

The interest point detector and region descriptor SURF finds features in every image/phase of a series of CINE-bSSFP images. By the help of user input, the best feature is selected in a Matlab program and corresponding features are automatically detected. If no feature is found within preset limits, it is created by linear interpolation. User indicated points of interest are described as a function of the position and diameter of the feature (all in the first image/phase), and can therefore be repositioned based on the corresponding features in the succeeding images/phases. This method provides reliable fast online valve position detection.