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Abstract #3672

Local Inversion Spiral Coronary Vessel Wall Imaging: A Comparison Between 1.5T and 3T

Sarah Anne Peel1, Tarique Hussain1, Gerald Greil1, Tobias Schaeffter1, Ren M. Botnar1

1Division of Imaging Sciences, King's College London, London, United Kingdom

In this study we sought to compare the 3D spiral coronary vessel wall imaging using the local inversion pre-pulse technique on 1.5T and 3T systems. Imaging at 1.5T resulted in consistent image quality and good blood suppression. While SNR was improved at 3T, image quality was more consistent and artifact level lower at 1.5T. Although excellent coronary vessel wall images can be acquired at 3T, improvements in shimming and f0 determination are required to improve overall robustness compared to 1.5T.