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Abstract #3702

Onset Time of Retrograde Flow in the Pulmonary Artery in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Patients: An Estimator for Pulmonary Arterial Pressure?

Frank Helderman1, Gert Jan Mauritz1, J. Tim Marcus1, Kirsten Andringa1, Nico Westerhof1, Anton Vonk Noordegraaf1

1VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam, Netherlands

The objective was to assess if mean pulmonary artery pressure (mPAP) could be estimated using a standard 2D MR phase-contrast velocity quantification in the main pulmonary artery. Included were 37 Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH) patients vs 8 controls. Onset time of the retrograde flow (Retrograde Onset Time = ROT) as fraction of cardiac cycle time, and cross sectional area (CSA) of the main pulmonary artery were measured. Regression analysis revealed an association between mPAP and ROT (r=0.74; p<0.001), and between mPAP and CSA (r=0.68; p<0.001). The early retrograde flow in PAH is explained with a recirculation zone.