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Abstract #3714

Automated Evaluation of Left Ventricular Diastolic Function Using Velocity-Encoded Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Conventional and New Parameters

Emilie Bollache1, Stphanie Clment-Guinaudeau2, Ludivine Perdrix3, Magalie Ladouceur1,3, Muriel Lefort1, Alain De Cesare1, Alain Herment1, Benot Diebold1,3, Elie Mousseaux1,2, Nadjia Kachenoura1

1INSERM U678, UPMC, Paris, France; 2Radiology department, APHP, European Hospital Georges Pompidou, Paris, France; 3Echocardiography department, APHP, European Hospital Georges Pompidou, Paris, France

Phase-contrast (PC) Magnetic Resonance (MR) is not used in clinical routine to assess diastolic function, because of the lack of automated analyses. Thus, our aim was to develop a process to automatically analyze PC data. Automated segmentation of PC images and analysis of velocity and flow rate curves to derive diastolic parameters were developed and tested on 25 controls. Segmentation was successful in all subjects. Our conventional parameters were consistent with those previously presented in literature and our new parameters highly correlated with high prognosis value parameters. Our process may provide a valuable addition to the established cardiac MR tools.