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Abstract #3716

Estimation of LV Function from Navigator Triggered, Real-Time Cardiac Cine Steady-State Free Precession (SSFP) Imaging

Amol Pednekar1, Benjamin Cheong2, Raja Muthupillai2, Claudio Arena2

1Philips Healthcare, Cleveland, OH, United States; 2Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital, Houston, TX, United States

We propose an integrated real-time data acquisition and retrospective post-processing strategy to estimate parameters characterizing global function of the left ventricle. Our initial evaluation of feasibility of this approach in normal subjects shows that slice-by-slice LV volumes estimated using the real-time cine imaging approach are comparable to the LV volumes obtained using conventional, breathhold cardiac cine SSFP techniques. The combination of respiratory navigator triggering, real-time unsegmented SSFP cine imaging, and integrated retrospective automated processing may make this approach particularly useful in patients with severe arrhythmias, and/or severely compromised respiratory function.