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Abstract #3789

Traveling Wave MRI for the Acquisition of Reference Images for Parallel Imaging at the Carotid Artery at 7T - Proof of Concept

Wouter Koning1, Hugo Kroeze, 2, Bart Leo van de Bank, Vincent O. Boer, Cornelis A. van den Berg, Jaco J. Zwanenburg, Peter R. Luijten, Dennis W. Klomp

1Radiology, UMC Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands; 2MTKF

In high field MRI, acceleration with parallel imaging in MRI can be a challenge as homogeneous reference scans are difficult to obtain. Traveling wave MRI can be applied for the acquisition of reference images. This enables acceleration with parallel imaging even with RF coil setups that are optimized for sensitivity only. Here, a proof of principle is given at 7T using a quadrature antenna for acquisition of the reference images, together with an array of dedicated surface coils for carotid artery imaging.