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Abstract #3797

Simulation and Construction of a Modified Turnstile Dipole Tx Antenna for Whole Body 7T MRI with an Extended Gradient Coil RF-Shield of 1.58 M Length

Tim Herrmann1, Johannes Mallow1, Jrg Stadler2, Oliver Speck3, Matthias Kladeck3, Johannes Bernarding1

1Department of Biometry and Medical Informatics, OvG University, Magdeburg, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany; 2Leibniz-Institute for Neurobiology, Magdeburg, Germany; 3Biomedical Magnetic Resonance, OvG University, Magdeburg, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany

Goal of this study was to expand the abilities of the Travelling Wave concept in Ultra-Highfield MRI, to get an efficient body coil replacement in the future, by using the advantage of a bigger diameter and an extended length of the RF-shield. Promising results are shown by using the turnstile dipole antenna as Tx and a phased array RF-coil for Rx. The highest SNR can be achieved under Travelling Wave conditions because the B1-filling factor for phased array RF-coil is much better.