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Abstract #3830

Implementation of a Novel 8-Ch Phase-Array Transmit/Receive Head Coil with RF Interface for Parallel Transmission on 3T

Rong Xue1, Huabin Zhu2, Haoli Ma1, Yanxia Li1, Yan Zhuo1

1State Key Lab. of Brain and Cognitive Science, Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China; 2RF Department, Siemens Mindit Magnetic Resonance Ltd, Shen Zhen, China

We have successfully constructed a novel 8-channel phase-array transmit/receive head coil on Siemens 3T Tim Trio system for research on parallel transmission techniques including multiple-channel phase-array RF coil design and homogenous B1 shimming. The coil was better suited for Asian people fMRI studies, with an unblocked visual field as well as high image SNR and signal stability. The whole setup including the Tx/Rx coil, the related RF interface and parallel transmission techniques would further be applied to a Siemens 7T system and is expected to achieve good anatomical and functional images in ultra high field.