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Abstract #3833

A Stripline-Like Coil Element Structure for High Field Phased Array Coils and Its Application for a 8-Channel 9.4T Small Animal Transceive Array

Yu Li1, Ewald Weber1, BingKeong Li1, Feng Liu1, Johannes Schneider2, Stphanie Ohrel2, Sven Junge2, Peter Ullmann2, Markus Wick2, Stuart Crozier1

1School of ITEE, The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia; 2Bruker BioSpin MRI GmbH, Ettlingen, Germany

In this work, the development of an optimized, shielded 8-element transceive volume-array for small animal MRI applications at 9.4T is discussed. A novel stripline-like sandwiched conductor structure for the coil element has been proposed. A prototype was constructed and tested in a Bruker 9.4T Biospec MRI system. Simulated and experimental results presented herein demonstrate the potential of the design.