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Abstract #3854

Subject-Specific Evaluation of Multi-Channel Receive Coil Arrays by Fast Integral-Equation Method

Shumin Wang1, Jacco A. de Zwart, Jeff H. Duyn1

1LFMI/NINDS/NIH, Bethesda, Center Dr. , United States

The performance of high-field receive coil arrays depends on the geometry of coil elements, the shape of subjects, and their relative position. Knowing the actual performance, such as the combined sensitivity and the g-Factor maps, is valuable in post-processing images. Conventionally, subject-specific coil performance was evaluated via measurements. In this work, we present an alternative approach by numerical simulations based on fast integral-equation method and subject models obtained from MRI pre-scans. Results demonstrate the feasibly of performing subject-specific coil evaluations based on pure numerical approaches.