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Abstract #3866

Numerical Investigation of Nonlinear, Spatially-Varying Pulsed Magnetic Fields

Tony Stcker1, Kaveh Vahedipour1, N. Jon Shah1,2

1Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine - 4, Forschungszentrum Juelich, Juelich, Germany; 2Faculty of Medicine, RWTH Aachen, Aachen, Germany

Curved spatially-varying magnetic fields have a strong impact on MRI, especially in the context of correcting magnetic field inhomogeneities (shimming). New progress from hardware and sequence development intends to overcome certain limitations, e.g. by the use of higher-order shim coils or the application of spatially-selective dynamic shimming. Beyond field corrections, curved field gradients are also under discussion for region-specific zoomed spatial encoding with reduced peripheral nerve stimulations. However, the gains from such strategies are hardly predictable without simulations. Here, a framework for exact numerical MRI simulations of nonlinear spatially-varying pulsed magnetic fields is presented.