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Abstract #3905

Inductive and Dielectric Tuning Techniques for High-Sensitivity Miniature Monolithic Surface Coils.

Jean-Clment Guisiano1,2, Simon Lambert1, Souhil Megherbi2, Jean-Christophe Ginefri1

1U2R2M, Orsay, France; 2IEF, Orsay, France

Dedicated tuning techniques for high-sensitivity miniature monolithic coils are needed. Inductive and dielectric tuning techniques were investigated using experimental measurements, analytical model or numerical simulations. Maximum frequency shifts of 15.3% for the inductive tuning and 9.9% for the dielectric tuning were reported. A mean deviation of 1% between experiments and the proposed inductive model and 2% between experiments and simulations for the dielectric tuning were achieved. The influence of both technique on the quality factor was discussed. A piezoelectric-based displacement device was proposed to perform a precise positioning of a tuning element and a fine resonance frequency control.