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Abstract #3917

Automated Preamplifier Noise Parameter Measurement System Using a Combination Analyzer

Brodi Roberts1,2, B. Gino Fallone, 1,2, Nicola De Zanche, 1,2

1Department of Oncology, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; 2Department of Medical Physics, Cross Cancer Institute, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Optimal matching between each coil in an array and its respective amplifier requires knowledge of its noise parameters, which are rarely available from manufacturers at MRI frequencies. Measuring noise parameters is also needed to identify inter-device variability. The system we describe is based on a common combination spectrum / network analyzer, which, unlike noise figure analyzers, allows the measurement of S parameters. Corrections can thus be readily implemented for noise reflections at various stages of the system. The LabVIEW instrument control environment is used to automate calibration, measurement, and data processing.