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Abstract #3939

A Split Gradient Coil for High Speed Imaging with Application to MRI-RT

Shmaryu Shvartsman1, Gordon DeMeester1, Timothy Eagan1, Steve Bates2, Mark Savill2

1ViewRay Incorporated, Oakwood Village, OH, United States; 2Tesla Engineering Ltd, Storrington, West Sussex, United Kingdom

It is desirable to have a high speed whole body gradient coil with a central gap between coils of 200mm for applications in MRI guided Radiation Therapy. Multileaved Collimators (MLCs) near the coil gap have conducting and possible eddy current surfaces that indicate avoidance of 3D coil design in this region. Our gapped coil design is different from the approach described in [1]. A similar design for a whole body gradient was analyzed in [2]. Radiation treatment monitoring requires continuous fast imaging for time intervals of 20min, so gapped gradient inefficiency and duty cycle requirements combine to increase cooling requirements.