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Abstract #3969

Symmetric Diffeomorphic Normalisation of Fibre Orientation Distributions

David A. Raffelt1,2, J-Donald Tournier3,4, Jurgen Fripp1, Alan Connelly3,4, Stuart Crozier2, Olivier Salvado1

1The Australian E-Health Research Centre, CSIRO, Brisbane, QLD, Australia; 2Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of Queensland, Brisbane, QLD, Australia; 3Brain Research Institute, Florey Neuroscience Institutes (Austin), Melbourne, VIC, Australia; 4Department of Medicine, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Fibre Orientation Distributions (FODs) computed by Constrained Spherical Deconvolution can resolve multiple fibres within a single voxel. We have developed a symmetric diffeomorphic registration method to exploit crossing fibre information provided by FODs to spatially normalise high angular resolution diffusion weighted imaging data. We demonstrate the utility of the proposed method by generating a group average FOD template.