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Abstract #4030

In Vivo DTI Parameter Choice Using Monte-Carlo Diffusion Simulations in a Model of Brain White Matter

Franck Mauconduit1, Hana Lahrech1

1Functional and Metabolic Neuroimaging - Team 5, Grenoble Institute of Neuroscience, La Tronche, France

In this study, simulated diffusion-weighted signal in a model of white matter was developed in order to study the relationship between diffusion time (tdif) and ADC values. In vivo water diffusion experiments on the corpus callosum of the rat brain were performed and compared to the simulated data. For in vivo experiments and according to our simulated results, maximal and minimal ADC values were found independent on tdif. Therefore in vivo measurements would rather be acquired with a short tdif than with a larger one, resulting in a higher Signal to Noise Ratio.