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Abstract #4086

Comparison of Cerebral Blood Flow Using Arterial Spin Labeling and Phase Contrast Angiography Under Hyperoxia and Hypercarbia.

John Robert Cain1, Samantha J. Mills1, Alan Jackson1, Laura M. Parkes1,2

1Imaging Science, University of Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom; 2Biomedical Imaging Institute, University of Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom

Four healthy subjects (aged 24-29) underwent MRI imaging, inhaling 100% O2, medical air and carbogen gas (95%O2 5%CO2). Imaging consisted of STAR ASL sequence followed by a PCA acquisition under each gas. CBF values were higher during carbogen inhalation compared to medical air with both PCA and ASL. 100% O2 CBF results were not significantly different from medical air using both methods but the difference between the ASL label and control signal (ΔM) was decreased compared to medical air and increased during CO2 inhalation. ASL was able to detect changes in CBF with equal precision to PCA CBF measurements.