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Abstract #4129

MR Guidance, Monitoring and Control of Brain Focused Ultrasound Therapy: In Vivo Demonstration in Rats at 7T

Benoit Larrat1, Mathieu Pernot1, Elvis Dervishi2, Danielle Seilhean2, Yannick Marie2, Anne-Laure Boch2, Jean-Franois Aubry1, Mathias Fink1, Mickael Tanter1

1ESPCI Paristech - Institut Langevin, CNRS UMR 7587, Paris, France; 2Hpital de la Piti Salptrire

A complete therapeutic workflow is developed to induce necrosis in the rat brain using a focused ultrasonic transducer under the guidance and monitoring of a 7T MR system. Three sequences are combined to monitor the procedure at different steps. Before the treatment, acoustic radiation force imaging shows the ability to accurately locate the focal spot in vivo. Furthermore, the MR signal is shown to provide a reliable quantification of the maximum acoustic pressure in situ. Then, the heating step is followed up via MR-thermometry. Finally, evaluated as a tool to assess necrosis. 15 rats with and without injected tumors are treated. Induced lesions are confirmed at histology.