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Abstract #4138

Experimental Comparison Ex Vivo of Different Sonication Patterns for Volumetric MRgHIFU Ablation

Lorena Petrusca1, Thomas Goget1, Magalie Viallon1, Loredana Baboi1, Christoph Becker1, Rares Salomir1

1Geneva University Hospital, Geneva, Switzerland

Different sonication patterns (i.e. trajectories of the focus) were performed ex-vivo with a phased-array transducer: lines, unitary circles and concentric circles of different lengths/diameters for comparison purpose. The temperature profile along the ultrasound propagation axis was analyzed. For the same value of the line length and circle diameter and identical applied powers and durations of sonication, a significant drift of the maximum heating location below the treatment plane towards the transducer was noticed for circle or disk trajectories. Line scan sonications up to 24mm size provided symmetric and drift-free thermal build up. The latter pattern should be considered for fast and safe volumetric ablation with MRgHIFU.