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Abstract #4156

Simultaneous Imaging and Catheter Tracking: More Robust Performance with Joint Use of All Data

Steve Kecskemeti1, Ethan Brodsky1, Walter Block1, Orhan Unal1

1Medical Physics, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, United States

Current methods of catheter tracking [1] interrupt the imaging sequence at some predefined update rate to acquire several projections to determine the position of the catheter. We have a taken a different approach and have developed a robust method to extract the tracking data directly from the imaging data using an interleaved 3D radial (VIPR) k-space acquisition. The method presented in this abstract uses the information from all the projections within a VIPR interleaf to determine the catheter location. This results in a more robust prediction of the catheter location and reduces the perception of jitter in the catheter position.