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Abstract #4162

0T MRI: An Ex Vivo Feasibility Study in Swine Hearts

Huidong Gu1, Feng Zhang1, Yanfeng Meng1, Bensheng Qiu1, Xiaoming Yang1

1Image-Guided Bio-Molecular Intervention Researchers, Department of Radiology, Institute for Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine; University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle, WA, United States

MRI is becoming a useful imaging tool for the diagnosis and treatment atherosclerotic arteries. To date, there are no reports on intracoronary MRI, which requires the placement of a small sized (usually 0.014-inch in diameter) endovascular MR coil into the coronary arteries. This study demonstrates the first attempt on the development of intracoronary 3.0T MRI technology. The combo imaging system with simultaneous use of the 0.014-inch Nitinol loopless antenna and two surface coils can function in a clinical 3.0T MR scanner. These results have established the groundwork towards in vivo intracoronary 3.0T MRI and intracoronary interventions under 3.0T MRI guidance.