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Abstract #4223

Targeting of Tumor Cells with Glutamine Containing Carriers

Simonetta Geninatti-Crich1, Rachele Stefania1, Lorenzo Tei2, Alessandro Barge1, Ibolya Szabo1, Stefania Lanzardo1, Carlotta Bianco1, Silvio Aime1

1University of Torino, Torino, Italy; 2University of piemonte orientale, Alessandria, Italy

Efficient routes to accumulate imaging probes in tumor cells may be found by exploiting the up-regulation of trans-membrane transporting systems. In fact, rapidly growing tumors require an increased and continuous supply of aminoacids and other nutrients. Glutamine appears an interesting candidate as it is considered the main source of nitrogen for tumor cells. Thus tumor cells have been targeted with MR imaging probes bearing glutamine residues as targeting vectors.