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Abstract #4260

Whole-Brain Proton MRSI in ALS: Changes in the Distribution of Metabolites by Brain Lobes and Tissue Types

Varan Govind1, Khema R. Sharma2, Sulaiman Sheriff1, Andrew A. Maudsley1

1Radiology, University of Miami, Miami, FL, United States; 2Neurology, University of Miami, Miami, FL, United States

Whole-brain proton MRSI data acquired at 3T from groups of definite-ALS and control subjects were analyzed by brain hemispheric lobes and parenchymal constituent tissue-types (white matter and gray matter). The metabolite ratios, NAA/Cr and Cho/NAA, in the white matter showed significant and widespread alterations throughout the brain of ALS patients. In the gray matter of the ALS group, significant differences were found in the left frontal- and left parietal lobes for NAA/Cr, and bilateral frontal lobe for Cho/NAA.