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Abstract #4290

Correlation Between Imaging Findings of Magnetic Susceptibility Weighted Images and MIB-1 Labeling Index.

Kazuchika Hagiwara1, Akira Kunimatsu1, Wataru Gonoi1, Harushi Mori1, Osamu Abe1, Kuni Ohtomo1, Hiroyuki Kabasawa2

1Radiology, Tokyo University Hospital, Bunkyouku, Tokyoto, Japan; 2GE Healthcare Japan

The purpose of this study was to examine with or without of association between findings in phase sensitive imaging (PSI) that is a susceptibility weighted imaging method and MIB-1 Labeling Index (LI) that is a marker of malignancy of human brain tumors. Forty brain tumors were studied with 3 T MRI and properties of intratumoral dark spots in PSI were graded on scale of 1 to 4 subjectively depending on area proportions of dark spots within tumors. Statistically significant difference of MIB-1 LI was found between low and high grade tumor groups.