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Abstract #4412

Voxel Based Lesion Symptom Mapping for the Identification of Critical Regions for Motor Recovery After Stroke

Peter Chang1, Xue Wang1, Darren Gitelman1,2, Ryan Lo1, Robert Levy1,3, Justin Hulvershorn4, Todd Parrish1

1Radiology, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL, United States; 2Neurology, Northwestern University; 3Neurological Surgery, Northwestern University; 4Northstar Neuroscience, Seattle, Wa

VLSM was conducted on 151 chronic stroke subjects from 26 imaging centers with different MR vendors and field strengths. The results identify regions in the corona radiata that appear to assimilate motor, pre-motor and sensory information similarly for right and left hemisphere lesions. There were significant results for dominant lesions but not non-dominant lesions. This indicates that following stroke of the non-dominant hemisphere, reorganization of the dominant hemisphere occurs to a greater degree than the reorganization of the non-dominant hemisphere following a dominant lesion. This population based study may improve the ability to give an accurate prognosis and optimize treatment.