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Abstract #4470

Relationship Between Diffusion Entropy and Axonal Density in Human Brain

Quan Jiang1,2, Niloufar Fozouni1,2, Siamak Pourabdollah-Nejad1, Zheng Gang Zhang1, Norman L. Lehman3, Steven Gu4, Jiani Hu5, Hassan Bagher-Ebadian1, Michael Chopp1,2

1Neurology, Henry Ford Health System, Detroit, MI, United States; 2Physics, Oakland University, Rochester, MI, United States; 3Pathology, Henry Ford Health System, Detroit, MI, United States; 4Cornell University; 5MR Center, Wayne State University, Detroit

To overcome errors introduced via the assumption of a Gaussian diffusion tensor model when dealing with multiple fiber orientations, a diffusion entropy measurement is introduced to evaluate its relationship with axonal density and its ability to characterize brain tissues in different brain structures. Entropy appears not only to exhibit enhanced dynamic range of contrast compared with FA but also demonstrated a significant correlation with axonal density measured from immunohistological analysis. Our data suggest that entropy may provide important information on axonal reorganization in neurological diseases.