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Abstract #4472

Method for Assessing Reproducibility of Tractography Methods : Comparison Between Algorithms Used in Clinical Routine.

Fatima Tensaouti1,2, Ihssan Lahlou2, Jean Albert Lotterie1,2, Isabelle Berry1,2

1Service Biophysique et Mdecine Nuclaire, CHU Toulouse Rangueil,, Toulouse, France; 2Universit Paul Sabatier, Toulouse III, Toulouse, France

The aim of the study is to evaluate the fiber tracking strategy in terms of acquisition schemes in conjunction with four algorithms: three deterministic (tensor deflection, tensor lines, streamlines) and statistical algorithm. The pyramidal tract was investigated in 12 healthy subjects. Quantitative comparison between tracts was calculated by using boolean operators on tractus volumes. Inter-exam reproducibility was evaluated by comparing fiber tracking results from the same acquisition scheme on the first and second exam. The study highlights growing reliability of reproducibility results based on the number of directions employed during the acquisition and the method of tractography used.