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Abstract #4630

Reproducibility of MRI-Determined Proton Density Fat Fraction (PDFF) Across MR Scanner Platforms and Field Strength

Geraldine Hye Won Kang1, Michael Schroeder1, Masoud Shiehmorteza1, Benjamin Johnson1, Tanya Wolfson1, Anthony Gamst1, Gavin Hamilton1, Mark Bydder1, Takeshi Yokoo1, Claude Sirlin1

1Radiology, University of California, San Diego, San Diego, CA, United States

As a result of the growing epidemic of obesity, fatty liver disease has become the most common liver condition in the United States. Thus, there is an increasing need for a noninvasive fat quantification technique. We have developed a T1-independent, T2*-corrected, spectral modeled chemical shift based fat quantification technique, which permits estimation of the proton density fat fraction (PDFF). Here we show that PDFF measured by this technique is reproducible across field strength and vendor and has high accurt5acy using spectroscopy as the reference.