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Abstract #4648

Measurements of the Abdominal Fat Area: Comparison with MR and CT Measurements in Medical Check-Ups

Takayuki Masui1, Motoyuki Katayama1, Rie Takafuji2, T Natume1, S Nozawa2, Hiroki Ikuma1, Kimihiko Sato1, Kenji Asano3, Hasnine A. Haque3, M Sugimura1, S Imamura2, Atsushi Nozaki3

1Radiology, Seirei Hamamatsu General Hospital, Hamamatsu, Japan; 2Seirei Kenshin Center, Hamamatsu, Japan; 3GEHC-Japan, Hino, Japan

As one of criteria for metabolic syndrome, measurements of abdominal fat area using CT have been suggested. MEDAL or LAVA flex can provide in-phase and fat images and, modification of these images can be utilized to set threshold to make semiautomatic calculation of fat area. Purpose was with semiautomatic demarcation of fat areas on MR to evaluate correlations between MR and CT measurements for abdominal fat area in subjects having medical check-ups. Good correlation was observed between in MR and CT measurements. CT measurements of abdominal fat can be replaced by MR without irradiation in large population for medical-checkups.