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Abstract #4713

Biexponential Study in Diffusion Weighted Imaging of Liver Tumours

Jean-Luc Daire1, Ralph Sinkus2, Mathilde Wagner1, Nathalie Haddad1, Valrie Vilgrain1, Bernard Van Beers1

1CRB3 Centre de Recherches Biomdicales Bichat-Beaujon, INSERM U773, Paris, France, Metropolitan; 2Institut Langevin, ESPCI, Paris, 75005, France, Metropolitan

The aim of this project was to prospectively evaluate a DW MR imaging sequence combined with parallel acquisition to allow the calculation of pure molecular-based (D) and perfusion related (D*, f) diffusion parameters based on IVIM theory, in liver lesions according to their enhancement behaviour on 3D gradient-echo contrast-enhanced MR sequences. We have shown that D* and f values can reflect liver lesions perfusion since hypervascular liver lesions had significantly greater D* and f values than intermediate and non hypervascular lesions. A biexponential approach might be useful for the characterization of liver lesions and the assessment of tumour response.