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Abstract #4718

Distortion Correction of Body Diffusion Weighted Images Using Three Point-Dixon Method

Saori Mori1, Isao Muro1, Hisamoto Moriguchi1, Tomohiko Horie1, Masatoshi Honda1, Tesuo Ogino2, Makoto Obara2, Yutaka Imai1

1Radiology, Tokai university, Isehara, Kanagawa, Japan; 2Philips Healthcare Asia Pacific, Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan

Significant distortion can often be observed in body diffusion weighted images using single shot EPI. In this study, we demonstrate that a B0 map obtained using three point-Dixon method is useful to correct for distortion. The correlation coefficients of corrected images were increased by 0.02 or greater from those of the uncorrected images. In this method, although prescan is required, it requires about a minute and a B0 map obtained from the prescan can be applied to 50 images. This method is quite useful in practice since a B0 map created using this method enables good distortion correction.