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Abstract #4776

Differentiation Between Malignant and Benign Prostatic Diseases: Evaluated by MR Diffusion Tensor Imaging at 3.0T

Saying Li1, Chunmei Li1, Min Chen1, Xuna Zhao2, Cheng Zhou1

1Radiology, Beijing Hospital, Beijing, China; 2Philips Medical System, China, China

To investigate the characteristcs of DTI at 3.0T in differentiating prostate cancer and benign prostatic diseases. DTI was performed in 30 patients with prostate cancer, prostatitis and /or BPH , and in 20 healthy volunteers. Decreased ADC and increased FA values were found in the central gland , compared with the peripheral zone. We also observed reduced ADC and higer FA values in cancer. The sensitivity and specificity of two values for differentiating prostate cancer and benign diseases were 94.4%, 70.3% and 81.1%, 66.7% respectively. In conclusion, DTI may be a potential tool in differential diagnosis of prostatic diseases.