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Abstract #4798

NMR Molecular Profiling of High Grade Human Glioma Reveals Distinct Metabolic Subgroups

Jose Manuel Morales1, Ana Gonzalez-Segura2, Jose Gonzalez-Darder3, Concha Lopez-Gines1, Miguel Cerda-Nicolas1, Daniel Monleon4

1Universitat de Valencia, Valencia, Spain; 2CIBER-BBN, Valencia, Spain; 3Hospital Clinico Universitario de Valencia, Valencia, Spain; 4Fundacion Investigacion Hospital Clinico Valencia, Valencia, Spain

GBM and AA are neoplasic entities of the CNS, with high biological and clinical aggressiveness. Metabolic phenotyping of high grade glioma may provide new information for better management of this disease. In this communication, we show high grade glioma molecular profiles and metabolic subgroups based on HRMAS spectra of 31 high grade glioma biopsies. One of the subgroups, which includes most AA samples, reflects a less aggressive type of tumour with lower levels of phosphocholine. Metabolic discrimination between these subgroups according to the PCA, include the levels of some metabolites which can be seen by MRS in vivo.