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Abstract #4800

The Influence of Cardiac Frequency on the Properties of the Arterial Input Function (AIF) and Computed DCE-MRI Parameter Values

Rickmer Braren1, Yvonne Kosanke1, Jonas Svensson2, Ernst Rummeny1, Andreas Steingoetter1

1Institute of Radiology, Klinikum rechts der Isar der TU Mnchen, Munich, Germany; 2Department of Medical Radiation Physics, Malmo University Hospital, Lund University, Malmo, Sweden

DCE-CT in combination with standard MR contrast agent allows the determination of rat population AIF. This study analyzed the impact of cardiac frequency on AIF properties detected in the rat abdominal aorta and the accompanied changes in DCE-MRI parameter values. Different anesthesia induced a change of ~100 bpm in cardiac frequency which resulted in different AIF bolus shape, recirculation and washout. These in turn induced systematic errors in tumor and muscle Ktrans of 15% or 36%, respectively. In longitudinal therapy response studies, where systemic changes, due to drug treatment, are very likely to occur this phenomenon must thoroughly be considered.