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Abstract #4802

Effects of Reference Tissue AIF Derived from Low Temporal Resolution DCE-MRI Data on Pharmacokinetic Parameter Estimation

Marieke Heisen1, Xiaobing Fan2, Johannes Buurman3, Bart M. ter Haar Romeny1

1Biomedical Engineering, Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven, Netherlands; 2Radiology, The University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, United States; 3Healthcare Informatics, Philips Healthcare, Best, Netherlands

Quantitative pharmacokinetic analysis of dynamic contrast enhanced (DCE) MRI clinical data is important for detection and diagnosis of cancer. For breast imaging, however, data is often acquired at low temporal resolution to enable high-spatial resolution coverage of both breasts. The effect of arterial input functions derived from low temporal resolution data on estimation of Ktrans and ve was investigated by downsampling high temporal resolution pre-clinical data in k-space. The results demonstrate that using a reference tissue AIF extracted from low temporal resolution data (till T 60 s) is feasible and could be used to quantitatively analyze DCE-MRI data.