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Abstract #4835

Early Detection of Treatment Response to Antiangiogenic Therapy Using IVIM-DWI in Mouse Model of Breast Cancer

Sungheon Kim1, Lindsey DeCarlo2, Gene Y. Cho1, Jens H. Jensen1, Daniel K. Sodickson1, Silvia Formenti3, Robert J. Schneider2, Eric E. Sigmund1

1Center for Biomedical Imaging, Radiology, New York University, New York, NY, United States; 2Microbiology, New York University, New York, NY, United States; 3Radiation Oncology, New York University, New York, NY, United States

This study was to investigate the feasibility of using Intra-Voxel-Incoherent-Motion (IVIM) diffusion weighted imaging (DWI) to detect the early onset of tumor vascular normalization induced by an antiangiogenic therapy. BALB/c mice with 4T1 tumor were scanned before and after administration of Bevacizumab. The average ADC from the monoexponential diffusion model did not change noticeably by post-treatment day 1. However, the biexponential model was found to be adequate for more voxels in the tumor and the product of perfusion fraction and pseudodiffusivity increased substantially in one day, suggesting the feasibility of using IVIM-DWI for early detection of vascular normalization.