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Abstract #4868

Phase-Sensitive Reconstruction Based on the Orthogonality (PRO) of Under-Sampled MRI

Nan-kuei Chen1

1Brain Imaging and Analysis Center, Duke University, Durham, NC, United States

To improve the scan efficiency of dynamic MRI, the k-space data may be undersampled and then reconstructed using one or more of the conventional strategies: e.g., parallel imaging, partial Fourier method, and 3) UNFOLD technique. Here we report a new algorithm to reconstruct under-sampled data, based on the orthogonality of signals from voxels separated by half of the FOV. The new technique, termed Phase-sensitive Reconstruction based on the Orthogonality (PRO), performs well for data acquired from single-channel or multi-channel coils, and is complementary to existing fast MRI techniques, enabling further reduction of aliasing artifacts in under-sampled MRI data.